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A question that's 3 years old is still a valid question. Even though it's marked as solved, the answer provided was supplemental to the shorts answer above it. It was done graphically, which is often easier to follow by some of the the less experienced users. Thank you for responding to an older post. I forwarded your screenshot to someone who needed a visual answer.

Change Your Mac’s Folder Icons and Give Them Some Personality

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How to drag items to your hard drive without being challenged for a password | Macworld

The problem is that a default install of OS X renders the desktop without the drive icons. In fact, a default install leaves the desktop with just the default wallpaper and nothing else.

How to revert back to the original icon

In the early betas of OS X Puma This default setting that included desktop drive icons continued for some time. Legend has it the change occurred because Steve Jobs wanted OS X to be more like iOS, which had no concept of storage or attached devices.

Change Profile Picture on Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks

But if you'd rather have a bit more control over your desktop, and customize it to fit your needs, then read on. In fact, you can specify which desktop icons you'd like to be visible simply by setting the preferences in the Finder. Click on the desktop or open a Finder window to ensure the Finder is currently the front-most application.

From the menu bar , select Finder Preferences. External disks: Ejectable media, including optical devices, as well as iPods.

Change Your Mac’s Folder Icons and Give Them Some Personality

Connected servers: Refers to any network storage devices or networked file systems that are usable by your Mac. If you check our Personalize Your Mac by Changing Desktop Icons guide, you'll discover not only how to change the icons your Mac uses, but also find some nifty sources of professionally created icons to use. If you would rather use your own photos as icons, there are a number of apps that will convert your favorite picture to the icon format, which you can then use with your Mac.