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BCn optimizes textures for real-time use in graphics memory and saves space on disk. Once I have a.

Intel® Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop*

You can assign the texture to your object in any app that supports the chosen BCn format. Unreal offers BC7 as a texture compression option on build A2: Is There Support for DX Yes the newer BCn formats are supported in DX See Export Formats table below. Allows you to apply a gaussian blur value across all individual layers sides of the cube map.

Layers can then be saved directly to a single DDS file in the BCn format of choice or converted to a horizontal cube cross using the Convert Cube Map script provided to evaluate if desired. Enables 2-way conversion from a horizontal cube cross to individual sides as layers for image processing and back again. Available formats change based on Texture Type chosen. Contextual guidance in simple terms is also provided. Color format list shown at left.

Mac installation instructions

Full list shown below. All rights reserved. First off, this is a great tool! Jeffery, you put me on the beta tester list at Siggraph last year and I have been using it ever since. I have been using it for some time now to make 16 bit dds cubemaps from hdr images. However I was wondering if there are any plans to allow for the gaussian blur script to work on 16bit dds files?

I assume this is occuring because the script is calling a filter command that doesn't work with 16 bit images. But everything else seems to work great. Thanks again!

We're tracking issues and feature request on this GitHub repository , Please repost this request there if you don't mind. This is a beautiful thing!

Intel® Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop* | Intel® Software

Super useful and well executed. I discovered one possible flaw in how the plugin opens DDS files, please see this post. Game Dev Documentation. If you're using Photoshop CC eg version - or later on Windows, your Photoshop plug-ins are stored in a folder shared between all Photoshop CC versions:.


For older versions of Photoshop, the plug-ins folder is a sub-folder of your Photoshop folder, so if you can find where Photoshop is installed, you can find the folder. It's usually something like:. You should get a list of folders, and one of them is your Photoshop plug-ins folder.

Using the plugin on Mac

Most installers have a screen that let you choose an extra folder to install the plug-in into. You should choose the Photoshop plug-ins folder you found above. The next time you run Photoshop, the plug-in should be listed in your Filter menu.

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If you have Photoshop CS6 or earlier , you can make Photoshop look in an extra second folder where you have installed other plugins. On the next screen, make sure that the Additional Plug-Ins Folder option is checked. Then click on the Choose button, and browse for the folder where your Photoshop plug-ins were installed.

You can use this option to point to a plug-ins folder that is shared between all the graphics programs on your computer. You could try using the official shared Photoshop CC plugins folder:.