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Windows dose not have bonjour built into the operating system. If this is a PC you could try installing Bonjour Services; witch may not work.

ALFRESCO 5.2 - Configuring LDAP

I don't know if outlook will be able to tap into bonjour to do the. May 12, 6: I've got another Xserve on As for the use of the May 12, 8: May 12, 9: I know that you're hoping to connect via bonjour but I suggest that you use the IP address instead to avoid any possible conflicts. Also, my OD does not require authentication. We're a school with students only in the directory behind a firewall, so it takes a step out of the complication for me. In your case, if you have authentication, I'll fill in the blanks. Open outlook and start with a fresh no-user-set-up-yet configuration.

That way you can be sure that there's not conflicts with any of the other accounts. For the Account description, you can enter anything you want. For authentication, in my case, leave that defaulted to "No Authentication". So here is my question: Since I can access my mails messages from my Webmail server from within Mail and I can auto-complete the names when I'm sending emails, I guess there must be a way different to get addresses from my Webmail server instead of a LDAP listing? If so, How could I?

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I must be close Try using wildcards in your search - ie enter as your search string: I get the error "In order to perform this operation a successful bind must be completed on the connection. Yes, some AD servers may as far as I know not be set up to allow anonymous queries, even just to get the initial namingContext information.

A bit of terminology first - in LDAP which is what we're talking here , "bind" simply means to authenticate yourself to the server. LDAP simply decided for some reason to introduce a new term for this - binding. Most things just say "login" or "authenticate". So what it's saying is that you must authenticate. The flags to ldapsearch you need to know are: Unfortunately, you have to know this information in advance. It's possible that it may also require an OU component - Organisational Unit.

So the extra flags you need to add to the ldapsearch given in this hint are: This is a truly great hint. I am still trying to make it work. Will have to ask my friendly Exchange admin. Remember, you need Directory Utility to "bind" your Mac to the domain.

Once bound, you don't need LDAP settings. You can then get all the information you need.

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And from the command line, you can even browse all users, printers, etc. See "man dscl". You do not need to bind to the AD domain just to make this hint work. I don't have my Mac bound to the AD domain, and the hint works just fine.

How To Configure Directory Service In Outlook For Mac

Of course there are plenty of reasons why you might want or need to bind to the AD domain, but personally I don't bother on my Mac at work because I don't any reason or need to. That's what I said. If you have that, you don't need LDAP settings.

If not, the LDAP settings can help. They don't seem to work in my case so far. I agree binding to the domain has very few benefits. This would be about the only one. I tried the other options in "scope", but they don't work. Anyone know how to make Address Book return all the results like Entourage does? Man, this is awesome, I finally got it to work, after 1 year plus of this not working.

It was working before we made the switch to AD a over a year ago, but as soon as we went AD , no dice, no more lookups for Mac users. So people started turning to Entourage. I finally was getting tired of doing lookups in Entourage, since I use Mail App and Address Book don't we all, when compared to Entourage.

Ok, I get it, security. Great find, even though I discovered the fix a year later, thanks. Great find, even though I discovered the fix a year later, thanks, mgm.

Shit man, so thaks for that, 5 people have been tried to fix the mail and you help a lot us. OP, your information helped me to get a quick start. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: In the account settings I have added as directory server red When I click I get the following popup: However when I create a new mail and start typing a name I get a popup with two parts: Regards, Stan. Saturday, November 20, 2: The issue is with Outlook I assume this will be fixed by Office early next year. Monday, November 22, Steve, are you having this issue as well?

Proposed as answer by Daniel Trautman Tuesday, November 23, 7: Tuesday, November 23, 7: Thursday, November 25, Proposed as answer by Daniel Trautman Thursday, November 25, 7: Thursday, November 25, 7: Friday, November 26, Thank you all for your patience while I was testing. Proposed as answer by Daniel Trautman Wednesday, December 1, 6: Wednesday, December 1, 6: Thank you for taking time to test and clearify the limitations of Outlook Daniel Trautman.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2: Steve, can you clarify what you mean by this? Proposed as answer by Daniel Trautman Wednesday, December 22, 9: Wednesday, December 22, 9: It would be very helpful to have answers to these questions: Is it true you cannot access the global address list from Contacts Search on the E-mail Home tab? Is it true you can access the global address list when sending a new message? If so, and the GAL isn't being searched, what can be done to fix it?

We are connected to a Exchange server, and I am using Mac Any info would be appreciated. Tuesday, February 1, 3: Friday, April 29, 7: