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Follow this link for that: All the best Bittoo Array. Dear Friend.. It is not possible to play the PS3 games in MacBook and other device. Second thing is that, PS3 games required Highly advance Hardware configuration and graphic card as well. As PS games comes with Blue-ray disc which is not supportable to any OS, so hope you clear that the disc can't be read.

But if you want to connect the PS games, then you can connect with your Mac cable and software, For this, you need to watch this video: Dark knight Array.

How To Play Games On A Mac Using A PS3 Controller

Join Date Dec Posts Actually MAC has sufficient space to use and play. But PS3 is very big game and it takes mush extraordinary requirements than other devices. The sound drivers window does the same for sound. Accepting the default ePSXe driver is probably fine, but if there are others available, you can choose to configure one of those. It's easier than you think! Here's how to do it. Read More. CD, and a few others.

A few tips, though, to help the experience go more smoothly:. Nevertheless, you can check out a list of plugins that are recommended for PSX emulators and do some exploring. If you have any recommendations on plugins, let us know. Looking to buy a portable game console? Explore more about: Emulation , PlayStation. Your email address will not be published. A great discussion. I am loving every bit of it. I am sure it will help thousands of people who are interested in enriching their knowledge in such purchases.

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Thanks to every participant here. I can't play games on the emulator, because everytime i try to open a game the emulator just freezes and closes. Uhh help. I'm using PS2 Emulator for playing the PS2 game on my laptop and its working correct but some games its not working proper give me problems for playing. I don't understand why it is happening some games it's working correct and some of the games didn't.

Anyone give me suggestion why its happening?

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I think PS2 games are quite a bit more complicated, so it's possible that not all of them will work. I haven't done much PS2 emulation, so I can't provide a whole lot of guidance! I am unable to continue when I get this message- Is there any way to get around this? Can anyone please help me out? I always end up with a black screen. I'm using ePSXe1. I'm using Vista. I followed all instructions in online guides and forums. No idea what else to do. I don't have playstation CDs anymore so I download the games from rom sites. I usually have to download more parts of the games, but I don't know why do I need all the parts when I can play the games with just part 1.

Can somebody help me with this cuz I have a download limit so downloading parts that I don't need would be kinda stupid. You need all parts to play a game. You install it just by clicking part1, but that does not mean that only part 1 is required. Hi, thanks for the great article. I wana play my copy of Final fantasy 8 on my pc. Im still using XP. I get a black screen and i read online that you need a patch or something to get it working.

Nintendo of America, Inc. However, several emulators for platforms such as Game Boy Advance are capable of running without a BIOS file, using high-level emulation to simulate BIOS subroutines at a slight cost in emulation accuracy. Ok, no matter what I do, when I try to start up a game on the emulator, I just get a black screen. How do I fix this? Thanks a lot! I was ready to give up on playing ffIX untill i read this.

You made it really easy thanks! I just woud like to ask, can this emulator plays. PBP of ps1 games? I have some games with.

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PBP extension. Hey, on stop 3, I follow your links, but the links that YOU have linked to dont work: S They just refresh the page but dont download anything. It works but I do not have a lot of games for it. I tried to get some off of the internet but none of them are working. I need to convert them or something to ISO. Please help me! I have. I remember using 'virtual game station' in 99 with a Pentium II Intel processor cpu!

The Best Game Console Emulators on Mac OS

PSx games will never get old and i will always remember them I have just spoken in amazement of how far emulators have come! I just looked through this whole thread and there is not ONE link to any game downloading sites.

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I've got everything else set though I think. Hi iv got windows vista on a laptop , dell inspiron basic and i wanna know what graphic plugins to instail and maybe a link to get them for the Umu. Why I can't load Twistead metal? There is black screen. If you're talking about different region codes, you can play these if you use another region's BIOS file.

Don't bother playing games on this with more than one disc because you'll only get as far as the end of disc 1. When you insert second disc, and file: I clicked on the link to get the zlib. Can someone tell me were to get the zlib. I am getting a problem. Sound is coming but no video is being displayed. If there is any problem with the Video Plugin, then tell me whish plugin I must use???? Thanks alot, i found out that my video plug in was the problem, as i downloaded the d3d video plug in, it worked just great.

Good luck on Ps1 emulation. I tried it out myself and my computer got a bunch of viruses. My hats off to anyone that can put up with crap like that. I'll just play the discs on my ps2 and be happy. You click "extract to" and then a box pops up and you find the bios folder on your computer the one that should be extracted already, assuming you have downloaded and extracted your emulator and click on it. Click ok and you are good to go. Simon I do not own my playstation any longer. I do not own any games for it but I have the ROM files.

I want to play them again but when I do all you say in the tutorial it will not let me uelse ROM fils it says I have to have a disk. Is there a way or another emulator i can use to allow me to play them just like with the visualboy advance emulator?

PS4 Backwards Compatibility: Can I play classic games on PlayStation 4?

Just a simple drag and drop thing? If so please let me know I really miss final fantasy 7. I installed this correctly but when I told it to play the disc, it told me my render texture was missing and there was no pixel format. PSX games are really just outdated, you can't expect outstanding graphics from it - never mind the configuration. I got this to work: Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Borderlands 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. This topic has been locked. Hey all, I'm not a n00b to gaming but I am to steam on my mac. How can I unlock the game here on Steam?

I have the commercial disk for PS3 - is there a code or something? Showing 1 - 15 of 15 comments. Originally posted by sirmycho:.

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Verdigris View Profile View Posts. Well seems like there's enough people being less than constructive. Basically what you're asking is akin to "I bought the version of the game, why won't it work in my PS3?